Business Services

We recognize that running a successful, profitable business is a lot more involved than filing returns and finding ways to save on taxes.  We've worked with many companies and management styles, and our background and expertise is not limited to just being tax experts.  While we concern ourselves with our clients' tax situation all year long, we want our clients to feel as if they have a partner in the other equally important functions that are critical to having a well-run, profitable business.

We work with our clients throughout Middle Georgia in all areas of operating their business, such as:
• Goal setting with strategic action plans
• Task and time management
• Hiring and firing employees, inspiring employees with bonuses and incentives
• Organization of filing systems, record retention, and general office setup

At Professional Accounting & Consulting, Inc., we can be much more than your accounting firm.  Our clients trust our experience, and the knowledge and skills that we bring to the table.  Our 30 years of combined experience working with businesses of all sizes throughout Middle Georgia has made us partners with our clients to find business solutions that address their issues and concerns.

As a part of our financial statement preparation and general business consulting, we'll assist you in interpreting your financial statements in such a way that will allow you to improve your profit margins and overall profitability.  We want to help you avoid the pitfalls of "wearing too many hats" in the operation of your business.  Use our experience and expertise to devote your time to your areas of experience and expertise.